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How to Apply

Applications for Summer 2012 are currently being accepted!

First consideration will be given to applications received by March 1, 2012, but you are encouraged to send your application as soon as possible.

We ask that you apply to the Binghamton Computer Science REU Site Program by sending the following application materials in one of three ways:

  • US Mail to the address at the bottom of this page.
  • Email to (include materials as separate attachments to a single email)
  • Binghamton students may drop your applicatoin off in the CS Department office

    Application Materials

    1. A filled-out Application Form, available here:
      BinghamtonREU12.pdf (PDF)
      BinghamtonREU12.doc (Word)
      The application form asks you to specify a preferred Faculty Mentor, Research Group, or both. Links to information about CS faculty and their research groups can be found at these two links:
    2. A copy of your official University or College Transcript (this can be sent directly to the address below, or obtained by you and sent along with your other application materials)
    3. A description of your programming and computer skills (e.g. Unix, Java, C++, etc.), the class (or other) programming projects you've completed, and any work experience you may have. This description can be in the form of a Resume, but you may also decide to send a less formal document containing this same information.
    4. A one or two page Statement of Purpose, describing what you hope to get out of an REU at Binghamton, why you are interested in this program, your primary area(s) of interest (or favorite classes) in computer science (and why), and your professional plans for the future.
    5. At least one Letter of Reference, ideally from someone who can speak to your ability to program effectively, to work individually, and to work within a group or team. A professor who knows you personally or your boss from a relevant (computing-related) job would be ideal. Your reference may email the letter in plain text, PDF, or Word formats directly to, or send a printed copy to the address below. If multiple references can do a better job of collectively describing all aspects of your qualifications, please feel free to additional references sent.

    Mentoring and Education

    Mentoring and education are important components of all successful research careers. In the summer of 2012, we plan to give REU Student participants the opportunity to earn valuable teaching and mentoring experience, in addition to working on their research projects. We hope to do so through a unique program that coordinates Binghamton's REU Site for undergraduate students with another summer program for a handful of local High School Students interested in pursuing Computer Science major. This program is part of the educational component of Prof. Gopalan's NSF Career Award. Details of the association between the two programs will be developed over the months leading up to this summer, and may depend on the interest of REU participants. Examples of mentoring could range from overseeing a single student as he or she learns some particular skill, to teaching weekly classes on some particular topic in which you have particular interest and expertise.

    If you think you might like to take advantage of the opportunity to work with one or more high school students for a small number of your work hours each week, please be sure to indicate this in your Statement of Purpose. If you have specific ideas of what you might like to do with them, please also feel free to describe them as well. Participation in the High School mentoring aspect of the REU program is completely optional.

    For Binghamton Students

    Approximately half (but no more) of the slots each summer will go to Binghamton students, and half to students from other institutions. If you are applying as a Binghamton student, it will help you considerably to line up a Faculty Mentor who is willing to work with you, and even to begin research on that project prior to the summer. Please therefore go well beyond the requirement of listing the research groups and faculty members who you are most interested in working with. Please speak with one or more faculty members and list them as references in your application. If you are applying from Binghamton, your best chance is to have a faculty member who wants to work with you over the summer, and who then pushes hard for your inclusion in the program. I also encourage you to talk to me (Mike) in my office upon submitting your application.


    ____ Application Form
    ____ Transcript
    ____ Resume and/or List of Skills, Projects, and Experience
    ____ Statement of Purpose
    ____ One or more Reference Letters

    If you choose to use US Mail, please address all application materials to:

    Michael J. Lewis
    REU Site Director
    Department of Computer Science
    PO Box 6000
    Binghamton University
    Binghamton, NY 13902

    If you choose to send (parts of) your application by email, please send attachments in standard format (PDF is preferred), and please send everything in one email. Transcripts and Reference Letters may arrive separately of course.

    This project is supported by NSF
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